Draco Africanus~

The Wyvern is a Eurpoean Dragon. It's also the world's largest dragon.


They have only two large back feet, three forward pointing toes, possibly for grasping large prey.


Although, like its smaller cousin, the African Dragon, they will play with their food. Albeit a different manner, these giants will scoop up their prey (still alive), take it to their nest and tease it. Squeezing and squashing, this is how they have fun. Pinning a hippo underneath its massive tail, or sending a lioness or zebra flying with a flick of a finger. Or perhaps taking advantage of a rhinos' poor eyesight.

Attack and Defense

Teeth and claws are used in battles with rival males, and the tail is used to employ a powerful lash. They are known to breathe fire, but seldom do. However, most Wyverns can, instead blow out a powerful hurricane force wind. Wyverns usually fly at an altitude that makes it diffucult to spot from the ground, however, in the spring and early summer, males can be seen doing the most amazing mid-air acrobatics, in an attempt to win over a female. The wyvern attacks by dropping from a great height and using its great weight to crush its prey, before carrying it somewhere more practical to eat. No animal is safe from these brutes, elephants, lions, they are all crushed to bits.


They are usually green or greenish brown in colour, with pale underparts. Some older specimens develop lime-green spots on the outer edges of the wings.

Riding A Wyvern

The Wyvern has larger scales and fewer spines running along their back than most species, allowing riders to comfortably straddle some of the more friendly Wyverns, although a saddle is still reccomended for long-term.


The wings have long spines on their tips, and the head has simple head frills and chin bristles.

The Wyverns Call

A Wyverns call is a crow-like caw when in flight, or a low, growling roar when attacking.


The habitat of one of these creatures is the large open spaces, as wyverns are nomadic by nature, while the lair is a rocky crag or, occasionally, a circular nest in a remote area of sand dunes and grass.


Wyverns are highly aggressive and predatory creatures. They're found in the medieval bestiaries of Europe, noticeably those of England and France. Believed that a wyvern will destroy whatever it comes upon, they are considered malevolent and dangerous and slain on sight.

In heraldry, the Wyvern is often spelled Wivern, and it is considered a class of dragon in European legends. Often those with crests depicting a Wivern have a legend of some family member slaying a Wyvern.

Physical Appearance

The Wyvern has the body of a serpent, the head of a dragon, the wings of a bat, and a long serpent's tail. The two legs are sometimes that of a lizard but sometimes those of a bird. The dragon's head is described to be wedge-shaped like that of a crocodile.

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