In the

Dragon Lord

ancient times of the Dragons when humans came, people who had studied Draconic Magic and studied the Language of the Draconic were known as either the Draconic Mages or The Dragon Lords. They drew their power and strength from their dragons. On the day of their Dragon's Birth, the dragon will mark them either on their hand or another party of their body persay their forehead, chest, or legs. This gives them access to their Dragon's magic and might. A Dragon Lord that Raises a Great Dragon, will have might and power beyond most others. To use the magic, you can use either the Language of the elves, or you can use the Language of the Dragons. There are many incantation for the dragon power. There are even some dragon lords that are born of a Dragon and a Human these are Hybrid Dragon Lords, and they can use strong dragon magic.

[Some incantation will be provided when I can remember some also some more history on the Dragon Lords.]

-Edited by "Cockatrice"