Information Edit

LAIR OR NEST -Undergrowth

DIMENSIONS [ADULT] - 3 to 4ft. high, 6ft. long 

COLORATION - Yellowish brown with distinctive black stripes

FORMS OF ATTACK - Talons and bite (Venomous) 

FOOD -Tasmanian tiger and emu, small marsupials

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Draco Semifascia

Discription Edit

An dragon that lives on the isle of Tasmania, since the extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger and emu they have been a rare dragon to spot, and are gradually becoming extinct. When it is happy, it makes a warbling sound but is otherwise silent. Tasmanians have no eggs as they are born live, as humans are. These dragons have it's pouch on it's back, unlike Marsupial dragons. They have 3 inch long teeth which is helpful for ripping through skin and such.