Mexican Ampithere by sye93
The Mexican amphithere scientfically known as Draco Americanus Mex. From time to time Mexican amphitheres well return to the structures that the Mayans built hoping for food. (Quazocoatil) When the Mayans were still alive they worshipped Mexican amphitheres and would give it food. You can see this on walls where the Mayans depicted it. They described it has a flying serpent.


About 5 to 10 feet high, and 45 feet long.


Bird Like. Feathery. Very long tail, and also has a slender body. It has no legs. It has an enormous red tongue (up to 6 feet in length) used to catch prey when in flight. Its swooping pattern makes it easy to spot from a distance.


Dazzling iridescent green-blue scales along the neck, back, and tail. Paler green belly. Feathers similar in colour but way to much brighter plumage during the summer breeding season, when the main and tail feathers turn a golden colour. Purplish sheen to wings. Bright yellow eyes.


Loud squawk, reminiscent of a parrot.


Depending on the location, the Mexican amphithere will eat any larger land animals.

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