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Korean Yong by Piper Lawson

The Korean Yong is a subspecies of the Asian Lung. Its scientific name is Draco orientalis koreensis. It is identified by its four toes, in contrast to the Chinese Lung's five or the Japanese Ryu's three.

Description Edit

Yong are primarily aquatic, and prefer to live in the water. Just as other Lung species do, it carries its egg around with it. Found in Korea

DIMENSIONS- 50 ft long


FORMS OF ATTACK- Hypnosis used for catching prey

FOOD- Will eat fish, if not, waterfowl

Legend Edit

Generally regarded as a celestial and powerful creature, the Korean Yong has been deified and worshipped by the Korean people. They have called it the "yong wang", or the dragon king. In Korean legend, it is known to control the three seas that surround the Korean Peninsula.