My first dragon didn't breath fire, couldn't fly, and didn't even have proper wings. But I was completely enthralled.
~ Drakes Dragon Diary, August 1844

Knuckers are a strange dragon which live in damp environments. They are thin with a length of 30 feet and a height between a fith and a tenth of that. Their coloration is brown, dull red or greenish blue. Their eggs are various shades of green to camouflage them from predators and when born they will immediately enter a large body of water.

Despite their length they only eat small creatures and occasionally stray children. However there venom is far in excess of what would be considered necessary to kill such prey being a purple substance that is almost pure acid which liquefies prey.

Knucker by lake


Most information about Knuckers comes from Ernest Drake's study of Weasel, a knucker who lived near Castle Drake who is pictured to the left.