Japanese RyuEdit

The Japanese Ryu is a subspecies of the Asian Lung. It is identified by its three toes and purple or yellow scales. Its scientific Name is Draco Orientalis Japonicus.

Description Edit

The Japanese Ryu is a cunning creature. Like Asian Lung, it is primarily aquatic and loves to bathe, read and write.

LAIR OR NEST- Will usually dwell near hot springs.

DIMENSIONS- 10 feet high, usually around 30 feet long.

APPEARANCE- Usually silver,though come in blue,red or gold. Females have feathered tails.

FOOD- Omnivorous ,will eat Japanese macaque monkeys, fish, wild boar, have an incurable fondness for wild cherries.

ATTACKS- Though usually peaceful, they use fire, horns, teeth, clash and lash of tail.

TIP- Do not bathe with them unless you want to end up as kibbles and dragon bits!!!

These dragons are rare, and hardly ever seen in the wild. Almost none are bred in captivity either.

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