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~Draco occidentalis                                                        

Red Western Dragon by RockerArtist

Red European Dragon

European Dragons are large creatures with large bat like wings, four legs, and a long tail with an steel-head shaped tip.


European Dragon are huge. The smallest are more the 40 feet long (13.3 metres long). The Largest are 75 feet (or so) long (around 25 meters). Their wing span double their length.These huge wings are needed to fly to lift the dragon's weight. 


European Dragons eat sheep, cows, horses, and any large animals. Humans are rarely a part of their diet, only if no other food is around. They're also known to play with their food before they kill it.


European Dragons are extremely intelligent, So smart that they can speak, understand the way of the humans,and can also read (though this is rare). European Dragons love riddles. If a human makes a hard riddle, they will gain a speaking dragon's friendship.

Attack and Defense

European Dragons breath hot fire. The fire is produced by flammable venom. Dragons secrete a piece of iron pyrite in their lower jaw. When they release the venom, they also jiggle their jaw and thus create sparks from the pyrite, and the sparks ignite the venom. The dragon's fire is used for a weapon, for other dragons or to burn cities. A  dragon's fire is usually orange yellow, with a tint of red. but fire can be more yellow, more red or more orange. They also have scales that are harder than diamond or rubies. They also can use their sharp claws, sharper than a butcher knife, a lashing tail, that has a stabbing arrowhead at the tip, and their horns; Which are on the back of their head. They can lash their head backwards in case of an aerial attack.


European Dragons can be red, orange, blue, black, green, or (rarely) gold.


European Dragons can live for a very long time. Most can live up to 250 to 500. Oldest can live up to 600 to 1000 to do this the dragon has to be a skillful hunter and be very healthy.


European Dragon live in caves. Usually hordes gold inside, loves anything shiny that's worth of value. They also can be seen in abandoned castles and fortresses.

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