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Dragonologists are scientists who study those creatures know as dragons. Some famous ones are shown below, courtesy of Drake's Comprehensive Compendium Of Dragonology.

Merlin: Vth Century A.D.Edit

Merlin is considered the founding father of Western dragonology. Nennius, the ninth century historian, recounts the story that King Vortigern, retreating into North Wales, tried to build a fortress at Dinas Emrys. However, no sooner were walls set up than they collapsed again. Merlin was able to explain the reason: Two rival dragons-a red Welsh dragon and a white Saxon one-had been imprisoned in a cavern beneath the fortress years before by King Llud. Merlin released the dragons, which fought until the red dragon defeated the white one. Vortigern took this to be an omen that he would defeat the Saxons, which he in fact did.

Edward Topsell: XVIIth Century A.D.Edit

Topsell, an early English naturalist, included a detailed section on dragons in his scholarly History of Four-footed Beasts of 1607. In one note he mentions dragons are fond of lettuce but that apples give them stomachaches. The present author has not tested these hypotheses but reccomends that his readers carry a small head of leaf or iceberg in case an opportunity arises.

George Of Cappadocia: IIIrd Century, A.D.Edit

George Of Cappadocia was a dragonslayer who became confused with a Christian saint. [I do not wish to mention why this was, but it is in the book.] The dragon George of Cappadocia slew wasn't evil, just hungry. The people of Libya, wjere the dragon lived, had become rich, and their large flocks grazed on land that was once the habitat of the dragon's natural prey. So it was not suprising tha, having eaten all their sheep, the hungry dragon resorted to eating the townsfolk.

More to come later.

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