Dragonish is a language that dragons speak and write.

Random Dragonish Letters On Rock with scratch marks

3 Dragonish letters on rock

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A handy guide below:

Good day- Aargh umm Good night- Durgh umm Hello, dragon- Praisich boyar

Hello, children- Praisich hoyari What is your name?- Ss ur ut?

Yes- Sor! No- Nargh! Thank you- Ahurr ut!

Please do not eat me- Splau nargh gobble em I am a freind- Umm boyarghissor

Do you speak english?- Trurr Engli? I do not understand- Nargh trurr I am sorry- Oops

When?- Oowon? Where?- Oowor I belong to the Secret and Ancient Socitiy of Dragonologists- Umm boyari boyarghissor Essa-essde