Dragons are an extremely rare genus of reptile/animal. Some of them have wings, and they all have between none to four legs. As for body coverings, all dragons have scales and hair somewhere, but some have skin, and other even have feathers!

A lot of Dragons breath fire but some breath other elements. Dragons that are fully evil can use a vorpal flame that burns and ages you into dust. Some Dragons that are purely lawful and good can use an extremly bright beam of light that has the power of the sun. Dragons that are born from ice breath a beam or flame like bolt of ice. Some Dragons like the Hydralisk spit a stream of acidic poison water and can squeese through cracks so small that a mouse couldn't fit. Dragons borns of rock and earth look like giant Gargoyals they can reform even after being blown up unless they're thrown into water or frozen. Dragons that can breath electricity are very rare but watch out and don't make them mad unless you wanna be tortured by their electric breath they will make you regreat making fun of them. Some dragons also can wear armour like humans in battles. The Bones, Skin, Blood, Horns, Heart, and even their Eyes can be used for just bout everything the skin used as very strong battle armour the blood can be drank to heal and give streangth to people who has been badly injured. The Bones and Horns can be smelted because after they're either dead or a horn has been cut. The Horns and Bones become an iron like metal after death or removing when forged the blade is imbued with the dragon's elemant by naturality.

Edited below by someone who's 100% right.

This is completely wrong! This isn't a valid description on dragons at all! Did this person even READ dragonology? Is this person even a valid member of the SASD? I am. I am a dragonologist. I see, protect, search for, and befriend dragons. This, right hear, is nonsense. "evil" dragons don't breathe "a vorpal flame that burns and ages you to dust" That's ridiculous! Everyone should know that dragons, even those who chose the path of evil, are NOT magic! They are not born with magical powers or anything. If they wanted to however, they could LEARN magic, but none that allows them to breathe vorpal flames and burn and age people. And the same goes to good dragons who don't use a beam of light with the power of the sun.And this crud from ice dragons, is completely fraud too. And "Hydralisk" is spelled wrong. It's Hydra. H-Y-D-R-A. and everything about them is wrong too! I can't believe it! Gargoyals is spelled wrong, too! The statue, is spelled gargoyles, and the dragon is garguille. Pronounced, Gar-Guill-Ey. They are french and are not giant, and cannot turn to stone. AND NO DRAGON BREATHES  ELECTRICITY! The armor part is true. But you can't make anything out of the bones and heart of dragons. Dragon bones are heavy, but hollow and decompose quickly. and dragon heart should stay in the dragon at all times. NEVER KILL A DRAGON! NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!Also, dragon blood should be kept in the dragon as well, unless it's already dead. And you cannot drink it, or you will die. If you want to learn something TRUE about dragons, read dragonology by Dr. Ernest Drake.

-Noah Davis.

(I know Noah it's fraud!!)-The Flying Buck 

Note to flying buck: Thank you so very much. I thought i'd never find another dragonologist! I've only been recruiting them! Thank you for clearing up this very much needed blog. It needs people who actualy know! - Noah Davis (P.S. Do you know how long i've been waiting for someone to respond? nearly a whole year! ha!

I do know some things about dragons, not much, but I at least have the first book - Anonymous

Hi, I am a dragonologist that runs a company: Cockatrice and Co.! ( Yes, I know that they are not dragons, but I cover other things) And the first time I read this I had two quistions: Hydralisk? and Gargoyals? Then I saw Noah's post and totally agreed. -"Cockatrice"