One of the rarest dragon breeds, only one is thought to exist at a time.      
Death Dragon

Artist Rendition of a Death Dragon

Their eggs are a deep black with a lime green glow.

Description Edit

Due to rarity no adults have been found in the wild

LAIR OR NEST - In a cave, volcano, or swamp

DIMENSIONS [ADULT] - Unknown, though it is presumed to be about 20 to 30 feet in length

COLORATION - Black, with purple or green accents

FORMS OF ATTACK - Purple fire Breath, really sharp teeth and claws, and a deadly tail

FOOD - Humans, rabbits, deer, bears, and crocodiles

HOARDS- Skeletons

SCIENTIFIC NAME - De Capitibus Draconis

Origin Edit

No one is sure where they originally began, they only show themselves to those who have survived death. They also show themselves to holders of The Death Arcana.