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This is the list of the Dragons mentioned in the Dragonology series.

B- Baslisk, Bucca

C-Chinese Lung (myth)

D-Dwarf Dragon

E-European Dragon

F-Frost Dragon


H-Hydra , Humming Dragon (Extinct

I-Indonesian Dragon ,Incognito, Indian Naga (extinct)

J-Japanese Ryu

K-Korean Yong , Knucker


M- Moth Dragon (American Amphithere), Marsupial Dragon, Mexican Amphithere

N- night fury (Dracofelis Agilis) (extinct) (no image) the only living baby night fury died because a genetic problem caused it to have only one half of its heart. the government is hiding almost every dragon fossil ever found.

T-Tibetian Dragon,Tasmanian Dragon,Tunguska Dragon


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