The Asian Lung is an eastern dragon also known as Draco orientalis. There are four subspecies- The Japanese Ryu, Indonesian Dragon, Chinese Lung, and Korean Yong.


Lung are most often found near the rivers, streams and lakes that hide their underwater lairs. Females carry their eggs with them for safety, using the lairs to store pearls and opals they hoard away. The number of toes varies across the various subspecies.

LAIR OR NEST - Usually an underwater cave or grotto.

DIMENSIONS [ADULT] - 40 feet long; 12 to 15 feet high.

COLORATION - Blue, black, white, red or yellow.

FORMS OF ATTACK - Horns, teeth & claws used defensively.

FOOD - Mainly fish and birds, particuarly swan.


Long associated with all kinds of water, Asian Lung were seen as having power over rainfall and storm. It seems likely that the four legendary Chinese 'dragon kings' were highly impressive specimens.

Legend also says that a Chinese lung met Fu Hsi (a chinese man) on the banks of China's Yellow River, and gave him the vital secret of writing. Fu Hsi used writing to teach people how to become civilized.

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