Draco americanus tex

Draco americanus tex

General InformationEdit

  • Habitat: Among lake sides and ocean sides and offshore islands.
  • Size: Amphitheres are 45 ft. long, 5 to 10 ft. high, and have almost a 30 ft. wingspan.
  • Color: a yellow color
  • Wings/Legs: Two feathered or moth-like wings, no legs; but this belief is busted, for scientific research and viewing skeletons show that Amphitheres have vestigial legs, but aren't visible to the naked eye.
  • Attack & Defense: They use a firey breath, a tail lash, and constriction.
  • Diet: Llamas in South America and Mexico, buffalo (bison) in North America. (And, if they are quick and unseen, they may also hunt farm animals)

Other InformationEdit

The Amphitere is also known as "feathered serpent" and a symbol for the Aztec god Quetsalcoatel.

Their tongues can be up to 4 ft./1.2m long and the (especially tickly) feathers on their tail measure up to 18 ft./6m. The skeleton of the amphitere shows leg stubs.

Amphiteres generally live alone, but once a year they come together to a giant swarm to fly high over the Gulf of Mexico. It is suspected that they mate during that time.

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